Mini vegan halloween pies

It’s Halloween time so I want to share this vegan Jack-o-lantern pies recipe that I made last year. I use melted chocolate for the filling but you can use whatever you want, such as pumpkin puree or some jam. Ingredients: 200 g flour 4 tbsp oil 50-70 ml ice cold water 1 tbsp sugar pinch saltSigue leyendo “Mini vegan halloween pies”

Vegan protein bars

  Spanish below Today I want to share with you this simple vegan protein bars recipe made with banana and oats. This can be eaten for breakfast, dessert or whenever you want. So easy and so delicious! I made a video recipe too. You can find it on my youtube channel here or below the recipe.Sigue leyendo “Vegan protein bars”

Blueberry smoothie

Last month I shared with you a berries smoothie recipe made with frozen bananas and some berries. Trying something different this time I added soya yogurt and the result was excellent. I decorated with pumpkin seeds (I love them) and chia/oat. There are a lot of ingredients you can use to make a good smoothie.Sigue leyendo “Blueberry smoothie”

Easy vegan brownie

Spanish below A few weeks ago I showed you the recipe of vegan oreo brownie and now I want to start september sharing with you this simple vegan brownie recipe. For the recipe (below) I use a 22cm cake pan and I always cover the base with baking paper. This brownie is a little thin,Sigue leyendo “Easy vegan brownie”

Raw chocolate cake

I’ve always wanted to eat raw cakes but I’ve never tried ‘till now. It was so delicious.. can’t wait to make it again!! This recipe is for one 16cm cake pan, but feel free to double the recipe for a bigger pan. I use ground almonds and dates for the base. Dates are cholesterol-free and containsSigue leyendo “Raw chocolate cake”

Vegan macarons

Instead of eggs, you can use aquafaba, the cooking liquid of beans and other legumes like chickpeas. Aquafaba from a can is rich in protein but contains a lot of water. You should reduce it the night before you want to make the macarons, spanish below Ingredients 150 ml aquafaba 100 g sugar 100 g ground almondsSigue leyendo “Vegan macarons”